Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd February 2016 Full Episode 170

Video watch online Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd February 2016 full Episode 170 of Colors Tv drama serial Ishq Ka Rang Safed complete show Episodes by colorstv. Ishq Ka Rang Safed Episode 170 Dailymotion.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd February 2016 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd February 2016 written episode starts with Kanak worrying about Viplav’s whereabouts. Dasharath comes and asks why she is worried? Kanak says I am not worried as the trouble is gone. Dasharath says I want to give you prize for your work done and gives her keys of the house. Kanak gets angry. Dasharath asks her not to do anything against him and asks if she understood. Kanak says yes Babuji. She thinks Viplav shouldn’t do anything wrong which makes keys go from her hand again. Viplav’s car halts at some place and he tried to repair his car. He asks Dhaani to get down the car and takes her to shed as the weather was bad. Dhaani tells him that she is feeling hungry. Viplav says he can’t let his new bride feel hunger and goes to bring something to eat. Meanwhile Dhaani looks at the chunari/ghunghat and smiles. She wonders where did he go? She reminisces the incident when Viplav threw colors on her. She feels sindoor in her maang and smiles.

Just then she gets tensed as she thinks about her wedding night with her first husband. A Fb is shown: Her first husband comes to the room being drunk and asks her to drink wine. She resists. She thinks she shall tell Viplav about her past, and this day is the biggest day of her life. Viplav comes back and gives her Rabdi/sweets.

Viplav makes Dhaani eat the sweets. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………Dhaani asks him to have it. Viplav says his stomach is full because of marriage happiness. Dhaani says she is also happy. He holds her hand romantically. Dhaani says life has changed in a moment. Viplav recalls Kanak’s words and says yes you said right, our life is changed. Dhaani tells that she don’t like darkness. Viplav promises her that darkness will go. Dhaani asks him not to make any promises and says she was afraid that she will lose him. Viplav asks her not to talk all that, and says lets recall good things. They reminisces their first meeting, wine incident, People barging out the Ashram and Tripurari kidnapping them. Viplav says today we got married, lets talk about our future. He gets Kanak’s call. Dhaani asks him not to get angry and talk patiently.

Viplav picks the call and says hi maa. Kanak asks him where is he? Viplav says he is there where he should be. Kanak asks him to come home. Viplav says okay, I will come home. Kanak thinks Viplav have gone mad and is doing poetry. Viplav tells Dhaani that Kanak have done bad with her, but she is good with her. He asks why she was tensed. Dhaani says she is thinking about her past which he needs to know. Viplav says even I had a past and loved someone, but it was past and now I am married to you. We will lead a happy life. Kanak beats Shalini for over eating food and says I am worried for your marriage, but you are eating nonstop like mad. Shalini cries and says if my alliance don’t fix then it is not my mistake. Kanak beats her again.

Viplav gets closer to Dhaani and holds her cheeks. Sanam Re plays……………….He gets closer for a kiss and finally kisses her.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd February 2016 Precap: Viplav tells Dhaani that she is Dasharath’s bahu, his wife, and bahu of the house, so she will be welcome in the house like any other new bahu. He holds her hand and asks her to come.

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