Bigg Boss 9 20th January 2016 Full Episode 101

Video watch online Day 101 Bigg Boss 9 20th January 2016 today latest new full Episode 101 of Colors Tv drama serial Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble complete show Episodes by colors tv. watch Bigg Boss 9 Episode 101 online. watch bigg boss 9 Day 101.
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Telecast Date: 20th January 2016
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Bigg Boss 9 20th January 2016 Written Update

3 days to go for Grand Finale
Bigg Boss 9 20th January 2016 episode starts with Day 101
The housemates wake up to ‘Kabotar Ja Ja’. Inmates dance. Prince says to Rishab that someone is going today, we have to see who is going, he jokes that we will have to decide with mutual consent.

Prince asks Mandana to make parathas, i am not in mood to make it, Mandana says you are always like this, Rochelle says i will make parathas, Rishab says no, Mandana says i will make it, Rochelle says i wanna make parathas and you all can eat. Mandana says okay and we have to clean carpet of lounge too, Prince says you didnt clean bedroom, Mandana says why are you shouting? Rochelle says she is talking about lounge area, why are you shouting on her, Prince says she can lower her voice too, Mandana says its better to be alone, she leaves, Prince says comeback as you have to cook.

Mandana is washing dishes, Prince sings “itna time kyun laga rahe ho aisa kia bana rahe ho”(why taking so much time? what are you cooking?) Mandana says this is not 5star hotel that you think i am cooking for you, Prince says i was singing for Keith, why you think everything is about her? Keith says she wanna practice victim card, Mandana says finale is coming and Prince still doesnt understand about my power, your whole group is gone but i am still here, Mandana was weak you said it? your group said it but Mandana is still here.

Mandana comes in garden and asks Prince what he thinks? he says i think what you are thinking, Mandana says only 3days remaining for finale, Prince says you count so much, she says i like counting, Rochelle jokes that she doesnt know alphabets so like to count, Prince says good one, Mandana says Prince you still attack in group, come individual, Rochelle says we cane make song on Mandana what she did in house, Mandana says dont talk about me, Rochelle says people are being nice to you and you are abusing them in return, Mandana says Miss Rochelle you went personal with alphabet thing, Prince says stop it, Mandana says three days are remaining in show and you are still playing in group, come alone sometime.

Inmates come in activity area. Bigg boss welcomes renowned tarot card reader Monica Badnani, Bigg boss says she has come to talk to inmates, you all can go to her one by one and listen what she has to say about you.
Prince comes first, Monica takes out card and says your cards shows that you have been cheated? he says inmates did, she says you make people yours but you should take time to attach with people, Prince says i will make relations with people who were here, she says i dont think so these relations will work, Prince asks her if he will win? she asks if he talking about game or life? Prince says both, Monica says its not easy to win in life, you have to concentrate on it, she asks if starts loving fast? all inmates say, Prince says we do get attach to people in shows but i realized it doesnt work in real life.
Rishab comes to Monica, she says you are enjoying all this, you wanna take world in your fist. Rishab asks if entertainment field is best for him? she says 70%, you work hard but you lose focus in end, you have less patience, work on it.

Keith comes, she says you work hard but you should list down your priorities, you have to balance things, you will get work but you have choose right things, Rishab says ask about Rochelle too, they laugh, Rochelle says shut up.
Rochelle comes, she asks how will be response after show? she says let me tell you, you wont reach heights after show but suddenly you will get good work, love life is rough, she asks about friendship she made in house? Monica says some will go away and some will remain with you, Rochelle says will i remain with Mandana? Mandana says we are not friends even now, Monica says your friendship with Mandana will be 50-50, Rochelle says its always 50-50, they laugh.
Mandana comes, Monica says your love life has problems, Mandana says maybe my partner’s perception about me has changed after this show, Mandana says i did many things for game, i dont know if he will accept it or not so i am confused, Monica says dont worry, your love life will be sorted, Mandana says what i did in house, the bad things i did in house can break hearts, what i did in house? Rishab says see episodes after going home. Mandana asks if i was evil? Monica says you did wrong things but game is game, you did in game.
Inmates leave, Rishab hugs Rochelle. Mandana thanks Bigg boss.
Rochelle comes to Monica and says i wanted to ask about my marriage but not infront of Keith as its embarrassing, Monica says you want to do marriage fast but you have to work on your relationship, Rochelle asks if he is the one? Monica says cards show that he is one but you have to match your speed with him, you havent given him much as relation wants, Rochelle thanks her and leaves.
Bigg boss says to Monica that you talked to all inmates so we wanna ask you who can be winner of this season? Monica says i see Mandana as winner.

Rochelle asks Keith to sit with her, he says i wanna go to smoking room, he leaves, Rochelle says you are mean, Rochelle says to Mandana that i dont trust in card readings and all, suppose if reader says that cards are showing that you are not with right person, then its like if you have any issue with your partner then you feel that yes cards were right and all, you keep thinking about it.

Rishab is acting to flirt with Rochelle, he says to Rochelle that i dont know you well but i feel that i like you, Keith is infront of us so i am saying my heart thing, Rochelle says you are saying dialogues, you have to flirt with me, you didnt flirt with older women? Prince says our age is not such, Keith says you are trying to flirt with her for 10minutes but still failing. Rishab says to Rochelle:
khoobsurati ko sajne ki kia zarorat
jab sadgi itni khobsurat ho
(beauty doesnt need to glam up
As your simplicity is even more beautiful)

he says i like it when you behave like kids, it shows that you are connected to childhood, Keith says you not doing well, Rochelle says he was going good but you interrupted him, Rishab thanks Rochelle and says to Keith that dont disturb them, Keith says fine and leaves, Rishab asks Prince to keep looking if Keith is coming back? i will tease him, Keith is coming back, Rishab leans in to Rochelle and acts like kissing her, Keith comes there and says whats happening here? Rochelle laughs, Rishab says what had to happen has happened, now what can you do? Keith makes face, they laugh.

Mandana says we can play chair game, Keith can be supervisor, Rochelle says we have to run in rounds then when song stops, we will sit on chairs. Mandana what are you saying? your hindi is weak for me too, Prince says we all understood her, its your problem that you dont understand, Mandana says i am sick of Prince’s behavior, i dont wish to play with him, she leaves.

Prince comes to Mandana and says lets go and play, dont get miffed in end of show, Mandana says you dont listen to me, when i try to talk, everyone speaks inbetween it, i dont want it, only 2 days are remaining, i dont want to fight, Prince says everyone is trying to cope up with you too, who is your best friend here? she says i dont have it, Prince says you couldnt make one friend, Mandana says i made Rochelle my friend but she back bited me, everyone in this house thinks that i am nothing, i am zero, infact zero is number and have value, tell me where is Priya and Kishwar? Prince says Kishwar left house after winning, i wont listen anything against her.

Keith says to Rochelle that Mandana wants to look on camera, she wants fight, Rochelle says i try to be sweet to her, she cant understand that she is very rude when she pushes away people, Keith says but she is still here, Rochelle says she is ungrateful.
Mandana says to Prince that you are not my father, you cannot stop me from talking, i say what i feel, Prince says i stopped you when you talked about Kishwar, dont expect people to respect you when you dont have respect.

Bigg boss asks Prince, Rishab and Mandana to come in living area while Rochelle and Keith come in garden area.
Rochelle and Keith comes in garden area. Rochelle hugs Keith and says one of us are going. bigg boss asks Keith and Rochelle to sit on conveyor belts. Rochelle and Keith sit, their hands are tied. Bigg boss says its time for nominations. voting lines were opened for 24hours only and voting has been completed, we have results now. MANDANA, RISHAB and PRINCE are SAFE as per voting. He says to Keith and Rochelle that you reached last week of show and its like winning it but one will have to leave today, you wanna say anything? Rochelle says i wanna thank Bigg boss, this was best experience of life, i will keep remembering it, i love you Keith, i have realized that you are the person whom i want to continue journey with. Keith says i have got golden chance, i have learnt alot in this house, i want to dedicate this journey to my mom, i love you Rochelle, it was amazing journey with you. Bigg boss says now one of you will leave house, Rochelle says to Keith that i am going, Keith says no i am going. Prince gives flying kiss to them. Keith’s chair starts moving, Rochelle says wait for me, i love you, Keith’s chair moves back, Keith says i will see you on otherside, my journey is dedicated to my mom, his chair stats moving back and forth, Prince cries. Rochelle’s chair starts moving too, Keith says i love you, win show Rochelle, their chairs go behind curtain, Keith is takes out while Rochelle’s chair comes back. Bigg boss says KEITH IS ELIMINATED, Rochelle cries. Bigg boss asks Rishab to bring Rochelle in living area. Rishab comes to Rochelle, he says its okay, he hugs her, he says its just 3days, Rochelle cries and says why Bigg boss? why it had to happen, he never said anything wrong to anyone, Rishab says you are strong girl, welcome back to bigg boss. Rochelle comes in living area, she hugs Prince, Rochelle says this was horrible. Bigg boss says MANDANA, ROCHELLE, RISHAB and PRINCE are FINALIST, we wish you luck and congratulate you, Mandana says to Rochelle that its just 3days, i knew Keith was going, he was slow from past 2weeks, you should be happy that he was with you till now.

Mandana and Rishab dances and says we are finalists, Rishab does couple dance with you.

Rochelle says to Rishab that it was weird to lose my boyfriend to win, Rishab says it was obvious, Keith was weak, Prince says he wasnt weak but he had so much in his mind about his father. Rishab jokes that you would have felt more bad if i had gone, Prince says now we can flirt with her easily, Rishab says now her partner is gone, what will happen to you kalia? Prince says Goria, Prince says to Rochelle that i will take you away from everyone, Rishab says i will make her mine, whats my fault that Keith got her before me? Rochelle says you both are taking chance? see Bigg boss, Rishab says why are you sad? he is jsut gone, you didnt have break up.

Rochelle says i feel Keith is gone because of me as everyone used to say that he listen to me only, Rishab says you didnt do anything, you are just more demanding than Keith, it is shown on Tv, Keith was just not type of person who can plan and plot in house, there were so many people here who used to make strategies and all, Mandana says but see they are not here, there is no cool group, nothing, they used to underestimate me, Rochelle says i never underestimated you, Mandana says you did it once, you said that i am not even zero for you, Rochelle says we were fighting, Mandana says no in task, you didnt even give me zero, Rochelle says i said that i dont wanna give attention to you, Rishab says give positive vibes to each other, Rochelle says she doesnt understand, Rochelle says to Mandana that you still wanna fight with me then be my guest, Mandana says its not about fighting, if you think this is fight then you can think.

Mandana says Rochelle used to try to go in cool group to make Kishwar happy, now she doesnt remember it, Rochelle devi dont try so much.
Rochelle says to Rishab that Mandana didnt like attention on me as my boyfriend is gone, who was most underestimated? all said that Mandana will not be finalist but i said she will be, she thinks she is going to win but i will win then answer her.

Bigg Boss 9 21st January 2016 Precap: Bigg boss gives chance to inmates, Bigg boss house door will be opened again and any two inmates will get chance to meet their fans outside house. Buzzer plays, inmates run and come in garden, Prince rings bell first. He says i wanna give Mandana’s name first as she always taunt people about things which hurt them the most.

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