Badtameez Dil 18th November 2015 Episode 122

Video watch online Badtameez Dil 18th November 2015 today latest new full Episode 122 of Star Plus drama serial Badtameez Dil complete show Episodes by starplus. watch badtameez dil Episode 122 online.
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Telecast Date: 18th November 2015
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Badtameez Dil 18th November 2015 Written Update

Badtameez Dil 18th November 2015 episode starts with Rati telling Kuber that she will not let Abeer and Meher unite and says she will do anything to separate them. Kuber asks if you are talking about Nisar. Rati says I am talking about Nisar and me. He left me because of Abeer and went. He never wanted to leave and this has happened because of Abeer and Meher, and I will do everything to separate them. Kuber says you didn’t know and have a big misunderstanding. Rati says no, and says she knows that Nisar left because of Abeer. Kuber says Abeer and Meher miss Nisar a lot. Rati says they are just acting. Kuber says they didn’t betray, but I am the one who has betrayed everyone. He says I don’t want Meher and Abeer’s marriage to happen, and then I used Nisar to break their marriage. He says I am guilty. He says when Abeer and Meher met again after 8 years, I sent Nisar to kill Meher in the hospital. He says I am guilty, I gave him money and Nisar got greedy. He left you for money and because of his insecurities. He says I am guilty and asks her to punish him. Rati cries. He folds his hands and asks her not to harm Meher and Abeer. He says they are separated because of destiny. Rati says this is a big mistake of my life, and ends her relation with Kuber, says it is all over. She tries to go, Kuber stops her and requests her not to quit this job. He says we will maintain boss and employee relationship, and asks her not to quit this job. Rati nods. Kuber thanks her.

Doctor bandages Ishaan’s head. Suman asks how are you? Ishaan says he is fine. Doctor says he will be fine and asks Ishaan not to do any mischief. Abeer goes to drop Doctor till outside. Meher hugs Ishaan and kisses him. Ishaan asks her to forgive Papa. Meher looks at Akshat and asks what do you mean? Ishaan says I came to know about my real Papa. Abeer comes back. Meher looks at Abeer. Akshat tells Meher to see, and says Abeer is instigating Ishaan against me. Ishaan says I have found your album in his cupboard, and says he miss you and want to apologize, please forgive him. Akshat grabs Abeer’s collar and asks what he is trying to do by provoking Ishaan against him. He starts beating Abeer. Abeer looks at Ishaan while beaten up by Akshat. Meher asks Akshat to stop it. Meher gets hurt while trying to stop Akshat.

Abeer pushes Akshat and goes to bring first aid box. Akshat is leaving. Meher stops him and says I need to talk to you. Akshat says there is nothing left to talk now, and says I might be taking revenge for the years, he waited for him. He says I know that you loves Abeer. Meher says it is nothing as such. Akshat says just stop it. He says until when you will lie to yourself, can’t you see that you still loves Abeer. You shows that you have moved on, but still you loves him. He says whatever was between is among you all. He asks her to take care of Ishaan. Devki asks Meher, how can you let Akshat go and says he is right guy for her. Suman stops her and says let Meher decide. She says Abeer has become responsible now and loves her very much. He has lost her once, but don’t want to leave her again. She says we shall give one chance to them. She says if you stop Akshat then it will be our big mistake. She folds hand and requests her. Devki nods.

Abeer applies ointment on Meher’s hand and asks about Akshat. Meher tells he has left. Abeer says it was good else….He smiles and says I am joking. Meher looks at him. He bandages her hand. Mere Nishaan song plays……..Meher looks at him and thinks of Akshat’s words that she still loves Abeer.

He asks what happened? Meher nods nothing. Abeer asks her to look at him and says he is saying everything again. He says I want to take care of you and your family. He says this is the last time you are crying, but not anymore, I will make you laugh daily and give you much happiness. He says nothing is important to me than your you and Ishaan. Ishaan smiles. Abeer asks her to accept his love and become his. He says I love you……Meher. I will die without you. Meher cries. Ishaan asks her to agree. Suman also asks her to agree. Devki also asks her to agree and says truth is that you still loves him, and says I accept this alliance and this guy. Meher smiles and hugs Abeer. Ishaan asks them to hug him as well. Abeer sings Mere Nishaan song. Meher and Ishaan looks on smilingly. Abeer asks Meher to dance with him. Meher refuses. Abeer convinces her. Abeer and Meher dance romantically Ishaan plays the guitar. Abeer and Meher smiles happily. Abeer asks for kiss. Meher says shall I slap you and asks him to have shame as he is father of a son. Abeer says he is not looking at us. Meher claps for Ishaan as he plays guitar.

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  1. Why is this the last episode this is not mehbeer

  2. Why is this the last episode tht not mehbeer

  3. Why is this the last episode tht not mehbeer pls keep show going pls

  4. I can’t believe this badtameez dil ending………..where is nishar , rati , meher’s father and tunno character……………..plz continue badtameez dil show

    • more than half of the characters left the show after it went off air. Only the main characters remained and they introduced a couple of new ones. But they ended it on a cliff hanger with the other characters.

  5. Plz last episode upload plz plz plz…

  6. heyyyyyyyy plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz upload the episode plzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙁

  7. plzzz its the last episode plzz

  8. Pls don’t stop and put together abir mehar

  9. please continue this show plz don’t end plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue badtameez dil. ilove abeer (pearl bhai) and meher ( Asmita sood ) mein unhen dekhna chahti hun please continue this show i request you

  10. please the upload the episode..its an everyday problem your episodes are not visible please fix the problem..

  11. we r still waiting grrrrrrrrrrr phffffffff -___________-

  12. Plzzzzz upload

  13. Plz upload the episode…. it’s the last episode…plz upload as soon as possible!!plz we beg u..!!

  14. Hmesha hi hm sb ko itna wait krwate ho ?????????????????

  15. Plz yaarr last episode upload kardo

  16. Orka idor bava bacchith kath kath

  17. حلقة اخيرة وين

  18. Huh not fair,it shouldn’t be the last episode….I still wanna watch it please its my favourite show

  19. Where is written update

  20. Seriously it is last episode????

  21. ive cried

  22. Yeah….. Meher and Abeer are together again……all thanks to Ishaan…………I am feeling very sad as it ended…… you Ishaan and Mehbeer and will always keep loving you…………

  23. We will miss u mehbeer and ishan?????

  24. Is it really last episode??!!
    I will miss the serial n character Very much!

  25. Plz don’t end the show we beg you badtameezdil I have watched each epi 5 times I love it soooooooo much plz don’t end this is a humble request from your fans so plz..plz..plz???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  26. We all will miss this serial.i always wait for next day episode now there will be no wait.So sad.

  27. is batameez dil finished

  28. Please don’t end the show plz…plz…plz…plz….plz…plz. I was eagerly waitting to see abeer and Meher under the same roof again with Ishaan and their remarriage plz don’t end the show I don’t know how will I beg u plz..plz..plz..plz..

  29. If I am not wrong badtameezdil is not to an end Rati will put her effort to ruin Kuber and his family coz Kuber spoiled her life by showing the greadyness of money to nissar

  30. Hotstar mein episode hain

  31. Hotstar mein episode deksakte hai

  32. Plz don’t stop this. ….l really love this serial I can’t believe that its last episode….love you mehbeer

  33. So sad y this episode is end 🙁 ? we all miss u and love u mehbeershaan ❤?

  34. If I am not wrong this serial is not ending coz Rati will come again to destroy Kubers and his family

  35. mein MURDER kar doon gi sab ka………….
    wapis agao BADTMEEZ DIL……….
    I WILL KILL EVERYONE…….?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  37. so sorry this is last episode my favourite has left us.maybe another series of badtaneez dil will arise,i hope so.

  38. I hate you Akta Kapoor and all those people who stay away badtameez dil serial from us.
    And i also hate star plus.
    Mera maan kartaheki star plus or akta Mallory ki jaan lelu.Meri life ki bas yehi akhri wish he.
    Me duya karti hu ki kash star plus ko agg lakgaye.Phir mere dil ko sukun milegi.

  39. Love this show don’t want its finish#love mehber#especially Eshan

  40. I hate you Akta Kapoor and all those people who stay away badtameez dil serial from us.
    And i also hate star plus.
    Mera maan kartaheki star plus or akta kapoor ki jaan lelu.Meri life ki bas yehi akhri wish he.
    Me duya karti hu ki kash star plus ko agg lakgaye.Phir mere dil ko sukun milegi.

  41. i dont believe that …..wkhi end ho gya

  42. I wanna see them marrying again…..

  43. what the hell???? last episode?????? nooooooo, please nooooo. this serial ended sooo fast???? eventhough it was so fantastic and stupid serials like saath nibhana saathiya and yeh rishta kya kehlata hai never endss????? i was in love with this serial, no fair you are taking my love away from me :'(

  44. I hate star plus now they removed batemeez dill
    And batemeez dill this show haded to be at least for you know one hour or something longer but guess what star plus didn’t even bother…..ughhhh so annoying…… ?????

  45. I am so sad I can’t believe this is the last episode ?????????????
    I will really miss this episode my family watches it even my friends and everyone who us in my class watches well not everyone but so many and batemeez dil ended so sad ? I will really miss batemeez dill …….

  46. How can you end an Episode on wednesday?

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  48. Is so sad that’s last episode!!!!Its the bestest show I ever seen in my life. Really miss u mehebeer. U r the beeeeeestttt.And we also miss your show.

  49. Y soooo this last episode please continue please please love this serial so sad
    Please continue

  50. Plssssssssssssssssssss don’t end this show ????

  51. Maher love you I am very sad
    Please keep in series
    Saudi Arabia

  52. i cant belive yarr plzz be continue i love this sireal

  53. Is this the last episode

  54. please yaar continue kro …….
    love u mehebeer…. & Ishaan ….

  55. Badtameez dil show ko kam trp mil raha hain ye issue banake show off air kar diya star plus ne phir ekta kapoor ki show darmiyaan launch kiya ab to use Sach mein bohot kam trp mil raha ha ab kya karoge star plus khud ke pyer par khuladi mar di ab to had hi ho gayi 9 baje ke slot mein dusre channel mein accha show ho raha hain aur badtameez dil bhi accha chal raha tha ap darmiyaan ko trp dilyane ke yeh show band kar rahe hain

  56. Bol raha Hun star plus apke Channel ka jo Hal hain tab no.1 se top 10 mein bhi nahi rahoge Sirf kuch acche show ke liye channel tika Hua hain iss liye galat decision mat lo ekta kapoor ki wajah se uska kya hain woh to producer hain uska bohot serials,films hain ek flop ho Gaya koi farak nahi padta iss liye channel ko tikane ke liye acche shows mat band karo

  57. pls continue more episodes

  58. Why would you finish the drama like this, director of this is dumb, you should of carried on showing how abeers dad turns good, bring nisar back, now they have reunited carry on with how avert manages his family, do something don’t finish like this

  59. why stop a successful serial ?

  60. Why is this ending plz come back

  61. damn it boht jaldi dramma hatam kiye why

  62. damn it boht jaldi dramma hatam kiye why
    thoda romance ko time dana chahye ta

  63. Other serials in star plus like yeh ha mohabata is coming from 5 years and yeh rishitha kya khalata ha is ruining from 15 years then why this serial is ended for only 4 months this not fair

    • 1st step mei ye serial thik tha……log bohut pasand kiya…..lekin jaab 8 years pehle ka kahani suru hua taab se bohut log ye serial se muh hatali…..trp dheere dheeere low…..then isko stop kor diya gaya i think…. and aap yhm serial se isko maat judo…. yhm just awesome…

  64. Please put back there is no proper ending even half characters are missing please continue this serial plz plz plz plz plz plz………… I beg u star plus

  65. This is the only serial I will watch love this like any thing love this serial plz put the serial

  66. This is my life best show plz continue kro love you mehbeer and ishaan



  69. this is not fair u people can’t end this show like this way…………….it really Hurt’s me a lot

  70. This is not fair.etna din sirf alag hona dkhaya jab mil gaya tab hi Episode khatam kar dea. Feel so sad ?. I love this episode love mahbeer. Pls come back soon. In short time this show create huge love nd happiness i every person mind. Bohot miss karanga love u abber isan mehar

  71. I love this serial love mehbeer I missed u very much……….

  72. Please come back with another show…missing abeer n meher a lot…my day is incomplete without mehbeer..!!i want infact we all want u guyz back..!!please come back with another show….ur fanz loves u a lot!!please EKTA KAPOOR bring them back on tv replacing any other show like – mohi,diya or bati n at 10:30there’s no show now..!!please bring mehbeer on star plus by any show at 10:30.
    Requesting u !!love mehbeer a lot…hope for their another show soon…

  73. Plzzzzzzzz don’t stop badtameez dil…I can’t live without badtameez dil

  74. yeh serial katam ho raha pls katam mat karo request ha app se

  75. pls yeh serial mat katam karo request ha apse

  76. i dont understand the management,when a popular, good , serial like badtameezdil is produced,they end it after just 4 months.Should they be in their positions for axing such a good production.Let us the public vote on it .

  77. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue the batmeez dil show

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  80. I m from pakistan har koiii is show ko bohaaat like krta ha plzzz is show ko again start kr de plzzz itspakistan me log isyy bohaat passand krty ha plzzz do something

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  82. why this content is rejected i want to watch the episode again and again….plz fix the episode soon…

  83. Please start again this serial i loved it
    Please start a new season with asmita and pearl

  84. Please please don’t end this show I love it sooooo I am soo sad right now!!!

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  86. Episode
    Aage dikhao please bahut achha ha

  87. Please start badtameez dil agai we very very loved it

  88. please abeer come back .l’m requesting to telecast the show from begaining on any star chanel .lcan’t see whole serial because of hotstar .It can’t support in Bangladesh.while I started to read updates serial is finish.its not fun and enjoyable as seeing abeer.meher also.please come back .
    with lots of love for Abeer
    sadia age:14

  89. Battmiz dil continew star a beer and maehersuper best love story plzz continue plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plz plzz star

  90. Batameez dil best love story abeer and Maher not last episodes plz continues episodes plzz plzz plzz plzz

  91. noooooooooooooooo plzzz dnt end this i love this drama man plzzz starplus 1st it went of air now its gna end noo plzzzz

  92. It really was a very hot show. But they dump it and plays a damn show on that time. I hate them all who stop this show on air.

  93. this show is world class show.pls dont finish it. other all serials are nonsense. you cant watch it.

  94. Badtameez dil bahut achha ha aap farom karo

  95. Plz plz plz don’t stop badtameezdil plz I beg u star plus plz u can never imagine how much I love that show and I love Abeer (Pearl) and Meher (Asmita) more than u can ever imagine. Plz don’t stop this show plz……. I am from Kenya and I love this show. U can imagine how famous this show has become
    .plz Straus plz

  96. Star plus this is my request to you can u start like batemeez dill season two or something you know I would love it.

  97. Wait a minute this is not the last episode oh my god I I’ll be really pleased or happy if batemeez dill show will come agian

  98. abi tou start hua abi itni jaldi end thats not fair

  99. We want phir bhi na maane BadtameeZ diL season 3…….

  100. pearl's biggest fan TANU

    I loveèeeeeee………. u my abreeeru Pearl ……. Mai na tumhe pyaar se motilaal bulaati hun ky tumhe tumhara naya naam pasand aaya

  101. Star Plus please could you get rid of copyright on the previous Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil episodes please because when I go on Hotstar I can only watch 4 minutes into the episode before it starts from the beginning again. Whenever I go on tune p.k it says there are no Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil episodes and I really want to ‘re-watch all the episodes so could you please remove copyright from the episodes on this website please it is my humble request.

  102. I love all episoded.

  103. Please start it again on star plus or star utsav …
    As soon as possible…
    Its my one and only favorite TV series…

  104. if can bring back shitty dance plus then why not badtameez dil?

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