Badtameez Dil 16th November 2015 Episode 120

Video watch online Badtameez Dil 16th November 2015 today latest new full Episode 120 of Star Plus drama serial Badtameez Dil complete show Episodes by starplus. watch badtameez dil Episode 120 online.
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Telecast Date: 16th November 2015
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Badtameez Dil 16th November 2015 Written Update

Badtameez Dil 16th November 2015 episode starts with Abeer telling that a guy who refers child’s love as blackmail, can never understand love. Akshat gets angry and holds his collar. Meher tries to stop their fight. They start fighting. Ishaan asks them to stop fighting and asks do you both love me? Akshat tells I love you very much, and you didn’t know. Abeer says I don’t want to tell how much I love you. Ishaan says I know you both love me, but I need to find out who loves me more. He says Abeer will hold his one hand while Akshat will hold his other hand. They are shocked. Ishaan asks them to pull him towards them, and says whoever wins is the one who loves me. Akshat agrees. Meher says he is a child and asks them not to agree. Akshat asks her to ask Abeer to agree. Ishaan asks Meher not to get scared and says nothing will happen to him. He tells about the story that he read in the book. Abeer and Akshat starts pulling Ishaan towards them. Ishaan recalls the story told by the teacher. Meher asks them to stop it. Ishaan feels pain. Abeer couldn’t see his pain, and leave his hand. Akshat says do you know that who loves you more. Ishaan says yes Papa I know who loves me more. He thinks today I came to know that Abeer uncle loves me very much and thinks why does he loves me more than Akshat Papa also. Akshat asks Abeer to get out. Abeer sadly leaves. Ishaan thinks about teacher’s words.

Appendix brings something. Aaliya asks if he brought it and asks him to give. Appendix says he will give but she has to do something to get it. He tells about the adult magazine limited copy, and tells about it. Aaliya asks what she shall do? Two persons come there to keep the two musical instrument. Appendix asks her pull a guy Yogesh’s moustache and take one hair from the moustache, also tells her that he should not get angry. Aaliya refuses at first but then agrees. Appendix goes outside. Aaliya goes to Yogesh and calls him Yogi. She speaks to him well and says I want to talk to you for 5 mins. She says I love your moustache. Yogesh is stunned. She praises his moustache and says it is so manly. Appendix looks at them. Yogesh starts sweating. Aaliya asks him not to get scared and says she wanted to talk to him since many days. She says I think you are the s*xiest man of the world. She says real man are with the moustache. Yogesh gets tensed. Aaliya says girls like moustache guys. She says there is a one white hair in your beard, and asks him to give permission to pluck white hair. Yogesh gets tensed. Aaliya plucks the hair from his moustache. Appendix comes inside and asks who was shouting? Aaliya says he is having teethache. Appendix asks him to go and gives magazine to her. She says she wants to see what is in the magazine that makes people crazy. She thanks him.

Ishaan searches for something in his cupboard. Meher asks what he is searching? Ishaan says tennis ball. Meher asks what he is searching? Ishaan says you will get angry if I tell you, and insists to see first Papa. Meher says I doesn’t have his photo. She asks why do you want to see him, and says you have a papa who loves me, plays with you etc. She says Akshat will feel bad if comes to know this. Ishaan asks her to show again and says Abeer suggested him to see photo. Meher asks him not to talk to Abeer and says he is a very bad guy. Ishaan says Abeer uncle is very nice, takes care of me, and plays with me. He says that day they pulled my hand, it was not a competition, but a trick. He tells about the story of two prince and one princess. He tells Abeer left my hand as my hand was paining. He asks why Abeer uncle loves him more that Akshat Papa, and says first he used to fight, but now likes him very much. He asks again to show the photo. Akshat comes and asks what happened? Ishaan insists to see his first Papa’s photo. Akshat asks if he is not done yet. Ishaan says I want to see my Papa’s photo.

Akshat says I am getting very angry as you are hearing Abeer nonsense. He scolds Ishaan. Ishaan runs. Akshat asks Meher to tell him everything. Meher refuses. Akshat gets angry at Abeer for spoiling his life. Meher says Ishaan have started feeling that Abeer loves him more. Ishaan comes there holding guitar. Akshat holds his cheeks and says we used to be good friends. Now you are not listening to me, don’t you love me. Meher asks him to stop it. Akshat says you loves Abeer now, I have done so much for you, and why you are misbehaving with me. He tells Abeer has taught him wrong things and angrily breaks the guitar. Ishaan cries. Meher asks Akshat about his behavior towards Ishaan. She says you will make Ishaan away from you because of your jealousy.

Ishaan comes to Abeer cryingly. Abeer asks what happened? Ishaan tells him that Akshat has broken his guitar and have been scolding him since 3-4 days. Abeer says I will scold him. Ishaan says no and says I want to come to your house, and asks him to take him to his house.

Badtameez Dil 17th November 2015 Precap: Abeer tells Meher that he is Ishaan’s dad and wants his betterment, that’s why taking him home. Meher asks him not to do any argument and asks what you can do. You can give threats, warning etc… to me.

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